Horizon is slightly tilted after UP6

Did anybody has that little bug where the horizon is slightly tilted to the right when you switch to the outside view. It is not a big deal but I have to re-orient it to take a snapshot.

Happens constantly to me. When I fly, I set up the drone to be about 100 yards away and slightly behind to one side or the other… it makes for great cinematic shots (without the HUD of the external camera). Several times during my flight however, I have to straighten the horizon. To me though, it seems to have started around Update 5.


I thought it was me who messed up with the camera controls.

The drone camera has been doing that since SU5 I think. It tilts over time, though I’m not 100% certain what drives it.

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Look’s like a “roll” value not set to 0.0 for the entry in the scene.

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So you think it might be cumulative? As in you activate the drone multiple times, and you view rotates a tiny bit each time.

Yes, I have noticed this also. I think pressing the spacebar is the quickest way to “fix” it, though you may have to readjust your camera a bit.

This has been an issue for longer than that. It seems to be more prevalent the farther you are from the equator. More annoying when much further from equator, especially on long (6+ hour flights) as I’ve seen the horizon shift can exceed 120 degrees. I’ve switched back to drone views that are totally inverted.:flushed: usually if an hour or so had gone by and a large distance from equator. Yes a simple hit of the space bar does the trick to fix it but this drone view (as all views) should remain stable just like the cockpit view does.:man_shrugging:t3: It somehow maintains the position relative to front/back… so why should it rotate off the horizon?

Just another bug that has not been address in many updates. Maybe someday.:roll_eyes:

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