Horizon line now even more visible

It seems after updating to the beta build that the horizon line that I see for quite some time now during dusk or dawn is even more visible and very distructing.

This line has been here from the very beginning and I wonder why this has not been fixed yet. If you say this is worse in the beta, this is a very bad news…

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It’s not and it’s due to it apparently being locked deep into the current rendering pipeline and quite difficult to fix. One of the dev’s talked about it in a early QnA session. Maybe it’ll get better when DX12 gets up to speed, maybe it’ll get solved with SU8 who knows…

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This Bug was in Star Citizen since forever. Makes you wonder how it managed to come to MSFS.

Just saw a parallel set of horizon lines being rendered (wish I had taken a shot). Don’t believe I had experienced that before.