Horizon line still visible after all this time. Up vote this to be addressed

Horizon line still visible after all this time. Click on it and vote and well get it fixed.

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Yeah same issue here. Interestingly also have this issue in XPlane, so I wonder what it is with flight sims that they have this issue :wink:

I noticed this today for the first time when I increased my LOD and Render Scaling.

I am assuming you are talking about the solid white line in the PFD display and the Copilots display, if not don’t know for sure what is being discussed. And theire is not any vote button showing up on this thread.

he’s asking for people to vote on the thread he linked, in the Bugs section of the forum. Plenty of screenshots there to show what issue is being discussed.

The voting is going well over there, thank you. Still need folks to vote this issue up. Keep on voting and thank you.

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Indeed, this horizon line across the mountains is killing the immersion :frowning:

The dev team has added this issue to the Feedback Snapshot, currently listed as a backlog item.