Horizon line visible through mountains and objects

It’s been there since the alpha haha

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Is this a bug, seems it is leaving a line across display when mist and sun is in view, else where I don’t get this line, any info on this? did search and could’nt find anything…

You literally posted in a thread, possibly “the” thread discussing this very issue. I guess your search worked after all.

My post got moved to this one, but I found this post after I posted…

Thanks for being smart

Ah, so you didn’t use the search after all? Then I withdraw my earlier statement congratulating you on your successful search. :wink:

When I fly, mostly when the sun is brightly shining, I see a strange horizontal line in the middle of the screen.
Does anyone know what this could be? I have a RTX2060, most settings on high or ultra.

This is annoying. Needs to be fixed soon.

Up! Let’s vote! This bug kills immersion.

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Hey, this is a game issue. I have a GTX 1660ti and as little as I play Fs2020, the issue is still there many months later. I noticed it last night flying over Honolulu.

I really fear that it’s an engine issue, and one that’s potentially unsolvable. Perhaps when they update to DX12 they’ll be tweaking the engine code too? We can only hope!

I’ve reported this since Tech Alpha.

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Yes, it’s a rendering engine issue… but nothing’s unsolvable. After all they wrote the engine into existence.
Hopefully it’ll get solved soon


Very visible horizon line lol - defo needs an urgent fix! Still beautiful as always anyway.

It’s rather a game killer for me as well. There are many aircraft to fly. Some are better or more accurate or less buggy than others. You can always switch to a different plane or often look for a mod that addresses an issue with one aircraft or another. This is an entirely different category, It goes against the main focus of the sim which by it’s nature is graphically focused. It’s sim-wide (meaning I can’t change a setting or get a fix for it or upgrade my hardware to resolve it). It’s been in since before launch. It utterly scars what is otherwise a beautiful piece of programming and the worst offense being it’s not even being addressed in any way shape or form. If it’s not fixable, shame on you Asobo, but at least let us know. I mean what is the point of coming out with graphical advances such as world updates only to have them ruined by a graphical artifact running the length of your screen?

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Why is this is still an issue 8 months after release. Surely it should have been fixed by now? It’s definitely an immersion killer.


I’ve no clue what causes this, but I know I had the same problem with X-Plane 11 and I never could resolve it. I still have it in MSFS2020. Therefore I voted.

They mentioned during the Q&A it’s a limitation of the current atmospheric simulation system which they’re planning on redoing but will take a long time, maybe 6 months.

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And it’s been 8 lol

Do you remember if they said that this limitation specifically causes this problem or spoke only generically about atmospheric simulation?

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I also noticed this problem. Glad I’m not the only one.

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No, its like 2 weeks ago. So you have to wait…