Horizon line visible through mountains and objects

up for this thing…it is really killing visuals at many moments:

We live in hope!

I am surprised at how such a serious issue like that has so few votes… Community let’s vote! Put that on top of the list!


Because it eventually drops down the forum so there’s a need to “bounce” it back up which is poor form, another reason why this Voting System doesn’t work very well.

Voted and reported to helpdesk. It´s really annoying as it happens all over the world.


It’s only really noticeable in mountainous areas and when the sun is low.

Reported via zendesk, marked as resolved and hoping voting will put it on the radar.

Not exactly, lately, I can see it with the sun much higher in the sky too:

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Something new (to me) is the distinctive lines visible above the Bug (Enlarge Image to see what I mean), fading up as they go, this really needs to be sorted as it’s such an immersion killer.

Got the same issue, have an upvote :wink:


I didn’t really notice it before the 1.10.7 (and now 1.10.8). Killing experience under certain circumstances.


This has been an issue since the alpha. I dont know why its still a bug…


Please community let’s upvote! This serious bug kills the immersion.


Just voted as well, would really like this to be solved. But since I also had this issue in XP, it might not be easy to fix.


Once you see it, it can’t be unseen.


In CP you just disabled SSAO, backing off to HDR only. I never investigated it here, but I wonder if this is a similar thing in MSFS.

Same here, didn’t really notice it until the latest patch but I also just increased my Render Scaling and LOD so I’m not sure if that’s related or not.

keep going guys!, this must be solved!

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My input with some extra details for repro, and a nice line from one side of the screen to the other.
I thought it might be clouds, but that was not the case, and can be rules out.

Asobo, pleeeeease fix this asap!!! I see this constantly everywhere I fly and it seriously ruins the experience. Nothing shouts “computer simulation” more than a horizontal line running through everything on the screen.