Horrible performance in Areas with a 3rd Party DEM after WU7

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it seems that after World Update 7, the Areas which are using custom DEM data by the most popular Creators on flightsim.to (Mikea.at, Troglodytus) and mediocre Payware creators like Taburet are causing problems.

The simulator simply freezes for timespans of half a seconds up to 3-4 seconds, Audio signal cuts off, motion blur gets frozen in the picture, etc.

I was able to narrow it down to the DEM files. Even though I am saying “after World Update 7”, i am not referring to problems on the australian continent, no, it suddenly affects the european alps, the canary island, balearic islands… you name it.

We are talking about a powerful system, 5900x, 3080ti, 64 gig, m.2 SSDs here, which has no problems flying low over gigabytes and gigabytes of photogrammetry data.

Still, I need no emphasize that the MESH Data, as sold by Orbx, are not affected by this detioration in performance, they are still running perfectly.

Somebody on flightsim.to mentioned, that Orbx meshs might be CGL-based while the DEMs from mikea.at and troglodytus are not, but that’s not my field of expertise.

Has anybody made the same experience and shared my observations?



sorry, this topic was already adressed by someone else. let us please collect the replies there

Agreed. Could you please link the thread. I can’t find it.

I have the exact same experience with DEM data. Unfortunately, this data became unusable after UPDATE VII. Too bad, flying over the Alps with 10m resolution was an amazing experience.

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Found the thread

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Stutters and freezes after World Update 7 with third-parts mesh (DEM) - #11 by BoilingCaesar4 here u go

My system: I7-9700, RTX2070, 32 GB. Before update VII absolutely no problem with DEM data from throglodytus, eg. 10m Alps very smooth. Now stutters, stutters, unplayable. It took me a while to figure out what was causing these stutters, but now it’s obvious - the DEM data. It would probably be a good idea to discuss this with throglodytus on Flightsim.to. I just find it strange that the response to this problem is quite small considering the amount of people who have downloaded these addons.

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