Horrible tree shimmering

Hi I’m using a quest 2 and have vr running pretty smooth but I get horrible tree shimmering and colors look almost black and white at far distance close to the horizon. Is there anything I can do to reduce this?

This tends to be downside of VR at the moment. The lower resolution, the worse it gets. I think it’s also part of the performance optimizations from a while back where distant trees aren’t the same as those loading in closer to you. I’ve had a quest 2 and it’s a good value headset, but in the past I think VR was optimised for the G2. Things have changed since and a third of testers are using a variety of VR headsets, so maybe things will improve gradually after SU10 with DLSS etc. The OpenXR Toolkit is the best way of improving visuals. Disabling sharpening in the VR section of the UserCFG file within your msfs folder system will help with or without the toolkit.

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Thanks, the user cfg file helped a bunch!

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