Hot Fix Drivers Giving Much Better Performance

Here are a set of new drivers that really helped me gain the FPS and a better experience, this seems to do a good job at reducing stutter and fps lows especially in glass cockpit aircraft.


Thanks for the link. Have to try it later.
Anybody else with feedback?

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After this flight 3+ hours , I’ll test it

No change for me, RTX2070S, still getting 35-40 fps across 3x 1080p monitors in spanning mode.

What does work for me, is disabling volumetric clouds in dev mode, +8-10 fps.

Sorry to hear that suppose this appears to work well for me because my FPS was around 13-20 but now solid 45-60

Can’t test until later. Does this fix the grainy and pixelated reflections/clouds by chance?

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Thanks, works for me. From 41FPS to 53FPS on JFK preset highend. Thanks so much

Well, this is interesting.

You are welcome :grin:

It’s interesting as the drivers are nothing to do with FS2020 but call of duty etc


I probably won’t download this hotfix, but the next time official Nvidia drivers are released, I may download that. I think the last official driver release was around the time that MSFS was released (August 17/18?). If the this hotfix improves the FPS in MSFS, then maybe the next official driver release will also have the fixes.

For me, I’m getting decent FPS from the August 17/18 driver release.

I updated to the hot fix and could not get nvidia control panel to find Microsoft flight simulator as an application. Installing the hot fix seemed to remove it from the control panel. I rolled it back to 452.06 as I could use the nvidia control panel with flight simulator. Just something to think about

which option we have to download, standard o DCH?

2700X - 2080ti in full Ultra 4K I was running in the 30 - 45 fps range for the Sedona landing training. The dev tool was showing that I was CPU limited. Post hot fix I’m seeing 45 -60 fps under the same conditions with the dev tool cycling back and forth between GPU limited and CPU limited.

I was running RTSS alongside the dev tool and it confirmed the dev tool fps number.

There’s a FAQ on the nVidea site that explains the difference. Didn’t bother reading. and stuck with the standard as that’s what I’ve been using to this point

Feels like a very small increase, hope they tune it more, given we are lost a bit lol.

Standard :blush:

Thankfully the newest dev update stated they performance is what they are fixing in patch 2 this month so everyone should be fine then

How did you go back to 452.06?

Goto device manager, then find graphics card, then right click, then revert back to previous

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