Hot fix NVIDIA Driver

I installed the 452.22, tested it for about 2 hours and could not find any improvement. Then I restored my previously created Windows image.


Unfortunately no improvement for me…
Ryzen 5 3600 32GB Ram GTX 1660 Super M.2 SSD

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2700X - 2080ti in full Ultra 4K I was running in the 30 - 45 fps range for the Sedona landing training. The dev tool was showing that I was CPU limited. Post hot fix I’m seeing 45 -60 fps under the same conditions with the dev tool cycling back and forth between GPU limited and CPU limited.

I was running RTSS alongside the dev tool and it confirmed the dev tool fps number.

Edit - a post on r/flightsim suggested that the performance gain was a result of GeForce Experience lowering your graphics setting and that these Optimized settings were over ridding the in game settings. I checked my GeForce Experience and while it suggests optimized settings that are quite a bit lower than the Ultimate settings I have in game it also shows that MSFS is unoptimized which suggests the in game settings are not being overridden.

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Massive difference for me, on the order of 50% more FPS in worst cases and doubling my frame rate in some of the GA planes.

I run the game at 3440x1440 on a 2080ti/8700k/32GB RAM with everything on Ultra, except for Terrain and Object level of detail which are both at 100. Normally I’d get around 30fps flying over LAX in the Cessna 152 with live weather, multiplayer, and live traffic turned on and my GPU utilization would be around 60%.

Now I’m getting 65-70fps in the same scenario with 100% GPU usage in both the cockpit and external views.

Same story with the Airliners, albeit slightly less of a performance gain. A320 at KDEN lined up on the runway would usually be around 23-30fps at best and maybe 45fps in the air, now I’m getting 40-45fps on the ground and actually hit 60fps briefly in cruise today.

Pretty incredible results on my system, and a few people are reporting similar gains on /r/flightsim. It seems like this might be taking advantage of GPU headroom that was not being utilized previously, but I have no idea why that would be since the patch notes in the hotfix are so insignificant and unrelated to MSFS2020.

It think its amazing how some of you are seeing such a marked improvement, for those that are not here is a tip with regard to removing your display driver thoroughly so that no remnants remain on your system from the previous driver.

It is advised that we use a tool called DISPLAY DRIVER UNINSTALLER, (DDU for AMD/Nvidia) the small program is available from This is the link …

The software is run in ‘safe mode’ and it removes all remnants including registry entries from the old driver. The software will restart your system so that you can apply a new driver to test or use. The software ensures a clean environment for your new driver. I make sure that Windows 10 is NOT configured to auto-update and that it is configured so that I choose what updates I download. In the past, Windows has rolled back to an older driver without my permission, it only likes WHQL certified drivers, (these are not always the best option to go for). From the install options in the new Nvidia driver, select custom install and select the elements that you wish to install. If you want to try Nvidia Freestyle post-processing within the sim, simply install the Nvidia Experience. Always check the box to install ‘clean installation’, (or something like that). I have been using DDU for many years, it is updated quite frequently to keep pace with Nvidia’s new drivers. DDU only removers driver entries, it has never caused me any problems and is used by many ‘gamers’. If you install Nvidia Experience, make sure you don’t run it’s driver optimisation tool for MSFS 2020, ‘it ain’t all that good’!!!
Keep safe. BRGDS. Charles


Don’t forget that Windows Restore has historically been known to cause stutters in games when it’s enabled.

Make sure anti-virus software is NOT configured to monitor your MSFS 2020 program folder and other folders which are part, (can be found) of the sim on your C:/ drive. Make an exclusion for your sim folders.

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Which one to download? The standard one?

The standard version comes with the Nvidia Control Panel built in. Windows supplies an Nvidia Control Panel which negates the downloading of a much larger file. I always go for Standard. Charles.

Free glossy guide from SoFly to help you get the best out of your MSFS 2020 and tips for driver installation…

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Thanks mate

Nice one but… it states… in the intro… we just want everyone who owns the new flight simulator to have a smooth experience, which is why we are giving you this guide to maximum performance for free.

Two paragraphs below… BUY THE FULL EDITION

No way…

The free edition has a lot of useful information and tips about choosing the right settings and updating drivers. ‘Chill’, don’t be so negative! :smiley:

Double click to always run in high priority Flight Simulator 2020.
Automatically every time it is run. (Always)

Sorry, I don’t want to click on a .reg file which will modify my computer registry. I can achieve that without adding a registry edit. You should really inform people what changes will be made to their registry, and I would not encourage any one to perform such an action on their computer. If someone wants to download your file and open it in a text editor first to view it’s content, they can do so. BRGDS. Charles


Esto es lo que hace amigo…
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\FlightSimulator.exe\PerfOptions]
No tengas miedo es inofensivo y se puede eliminar si to te gusta.
Para eliminar simplemente vas a registro y buscas esto y elimina.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\FlightSimulator.exe
El dinero del banco solo solo se le quitaba al primero que contestara a los demas no jejejeje
(Es broma)

The sample is good, summarizes some of the advices found around the forum, no offense. I felt disappointed because of the high expectation it was built upon at the beginning and after that came the buy the full guide. It would be ok if it was rephrased more appropriate :slight_smile: