Hotas One joystick tension

Do you want resistance or real light on movement

Are you just curious what people prefer, or are you asking for advice on which is “better”?

I remember when I first had mine I felt like the resistance was too strong so that the centering force made “fine” control movements difficult so I loosened it up some. It’s really a matter of what feels good to you, that’s why they made it adjustable, there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” amount of tension.

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It’s going to depend on your preferences and to a degree what you are playing (which will inform those preferences)

For space combat (especially something more sim-cade like Star Wars you might want something with less tension because stick deflection tends to be faster and more extreme.

Likewise for guns air combat (as opposed to beyond visual range) you may find that light forces around the centre help you aim.

In MSFS2020, with perhaps the exception of aerobatics you aren’t going to be pulling on that stick like a chimp at the zoo so a little more tension might help with the more subtle and fluid control inputs :slight_smile:

If on PC there are joysticks which use a can system which can increase forces the further from centre you move the stick thus in part simulating the effect of increasing aerodynamic forces on your control surfaces. Highly recommended.

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