Hotfix the flaps bug now, not in sim update 3

From this announcement: Flight Dynamics Bug Details

No, please don’t. World update 3 was delayed so that you could ‘thoroughly test everything’ and look what we got.

Seriously; delaying a known issue with the Flight Model and characteristics is a bad look; a hot fix should be implemented ASAP; considering the delays with World Update 3, any delays to Sim Update in March (As seen in the World Update) would be and create a worse outcry than World Update 3 delays.

And having players go in and fix it themselves? That’s the biggest Middle finger to your community I’ve seen in a long while. You’re essentially asking a user base to edit .cfg files; that is a -terrible idea- from any standpoint to have a user edit critical/non-critical files to a plane or part of a finalized product, as that may cause SEVERE AND UNINTENDED issues once you try to update everything in the next official update. If someone does this and it borks everything when the official update is released, the only solution, so far as I can see is to UNINSTAL AND RE-DOWNLOAD/RE-INSTALL THE GAME.

This is a terrible move, a terrible work around, and a terrible idea.


Well, I actually don’t mind that much having to fix this manually.

But there are plenty people not reading the forums and thus will never know that there’s a (quite simple) workaround which is a bad thing.

What I think is worse is that it shines a light on how the development is structured, that there is not an easy way to revert a change that was unintentionally put into the release and push out a hotfix reverting it for all players.
It’s not like all of us were waiting for the ground effect to be part of the World Update 3 anyway, so it wouldn’t be that bad to have it returned to the previous state for a few more weeks.


If we hand edit all the planes for 1/2 the flap lift…do I have to re-edit them after the March update back to normal?

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Probably? I don’t know - which, again, why this “User fixes the problem until official update” is a Terrible Idea.


This is a travesty. And to expect simmers to edit a line themselves in a crucial file - and that only explained in a handful of words - is absurd. Mistakes can happen even by professional developers, I accept that and can’t wait until March!!! But please redeem yourselves by giving detailed instructions on how to edit this crucial file… starting with where I might find it!!! Thank you.


If Asobo changes something on an aircraft, it is completely re-downloaded and overwrites any changes done in the respective folder in the “Official” directory.
If you’re using mods in your Community folder and change the flight model config there, you’ll have to change it back since it is not overridden by updates of MSFS.

Better keep a backup of whatever you change anyhow.

If someone breaks something attempting the suggested workaround is there even any way to ‘repair’ the install?
Have a feeling this suggested fix (which doesn’t even give an example just “here you go these are the variables figure it out”) is gonna end up being more pain than it’s worth

Yes but look at the change dates on the .cfg files…Asobo didn’t make the mistake at the aircraft level, it was elsewhere, so there is no need for them to overwrite those CFG files in the Sim update 3 for this.

Yeah, but since the next update is a Sim Update, I assume they will anyway touch most aircraft and thus most of them will be part of the re-download.

Anyway, it’s not the way to deal with such mishaps and criticism is right. But at least now modders can go and fix their mods for everyone using them.

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I agree, it’s totally unacceptable to break one of the fundamentals of flight and tell users to change the files if they want to fix it.


some aircrafts dont even have a flight-model.cfg
and i am not sure, if I have to manually change it for all aircrafts, including 3rd party or not.
And when I do, how will this affect after next sim update - especially for 3rd party, where the Sim-update will not have access to the cfg to overwrite them.

I 100% support the need for a hotfix and not more than a month of waiting for the sim update.


“most” so, half will be broken on update and half won’t lol. and the modders with planes that go fix them, will then be broken on update 3. It’s a trainwreck.


Good point. Changing it on the Premium/Deluxe aircraft is impossible since they are encrypted (and these are aircraft we paid additionally for, that will remain broken until Asobo decides to fix it).
Well at least we have another reason for Asobo to finally remove the encryption.
While you’re at it, please vote:


at least they could edit the files pack everything in the correct folder structure and .zip it so that we just have to drag and drop this fix (i think this could also be done with the community folder, so you dont have to overwrite the original files)

it was easy enough for the working title CJ4, which resides in the Community folder. I edited the value and put a semicolon in the original line to comment it out, so I can always remember the original value:


lift_coef_pitch_rate = -21.65623
lift_coef_daoa = 0.0
lift_coef_delta_elevator = -1.25480
lift_coef_horizontal_incidence = 0.0
;lift_coef_flaps = 0.50180
lift_coef_flaps = 0.25090


Nice one.

I’m expecting that WT, FBW and all of the other modders that have graced the default aircraft with their love, will be providing new temporary versions for their mods., but if not, thanks for your fix.

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and here the change for the C172:
which is located on my system here:


lift_coef_pitch_rate = -15.32783
lift_coef_daoa = 0.0
lift_coef_delta_elevator = -1.23547
lift_coef_horizontal_incidence = 0.0
;lift_coef_flaps = 0.33790
lift_coef_flaps = 0.16895


Me, the stupid CUSTOMER would like to ask for that mentioned hotfix, because I’d like proper landing dynamics without fiddling in some files.
Mistakes can happen, and usually I am chill. But to not provide an hotfix, especially when you know what you have to do, is just bad CUSTOMER support. And had quality control not a few landings with planes, or how does it come nobody noticed it?!
Thank you


This is reaching an absurd point. They delayed 2 times the update for “polishing”. They release an untested update, broke graphics. Broke physics. And now they want people to wait 2 more weeks (and probably with more delays) for a fix.

Seriously. This is embarrassing. You didn’t release a beta or early access. You released a supposedly full product in August. And all the updates come with a ton of new issues.