Hotfix the flaps bug now, not in sim update 3

Also a big Asobo supporter, but not being able to land the aircraft is a pretty huge one…

Can Asobo at least tell us why they cannot release a hot fix? Does someone not just need to update the files like we’ve been told to do, but including the encrypted files that we can’t access, and release an update? If it’s not that simple, tell us that it’s not a simple fix so that people like me (not a programmer) can understand.

I’ve been saying that over communication can be a problem as much as under communication, this is case in point - Asobo you have stuck your head above the parapet to apologise, but alienated anyone who isn’t comfortable with coding or who flys premium aircraft with the encrypted files.

I’m at risk of being a hypocrite with my past posts, but you’ve gone this far, not far enough - communicate the full story! The community will appreciate it!


Oh my word…now this topic has been shuffled over to “self-service” and “wishlist” out of the more active “General Discussion” forum.

To be fair, it was requested to be moved

The funny thing is, why have world updates and sim updates if you include (core) sim updates in your world updates?

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Well hopefully the post that I created cross-referencing this stays in place.

The issue isn’t that they include various fixes in every possible release.
The issue is that this “fix” was not intended and/or not tested.

I see no reason to hold back tested fixes until Sim Updates if you can release them with the World Updates. Sim Updates are intended for sim features, but bugfixes will be included in both types of updates.

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Telling the consumer to change files is a big no no in my opinion. You guys have a team that gets paid to do so . Very touchy territory for many users who are not computer savvy. Bad mistake Asobo .


Hotfix Please URGENT!

The Flightsim isnt usable like that!


No no no. Release a hotfix for it ASAP. What a ridiculous thing to make us wait a month to get a fix for a bug you introduced in a twice-delayed major update. Come on.

Also, very cool that the reward for spending extra on the premium version of the game is that the aircraft that cost extra are not able to be “fixed”. lol


I absolutely agree that the fix needs to be done now!

Yes, please hotfix. Flight model is literally the most important part of a flight sim, obviously. I left X-plane for this, please make my investment a pleasant one.

Edited: Just dumped the premium C172 Classic .cfg and it is the same as the non premium .cfg.

There is a mod for the Premium C172 and you can use the cfg there and edit it with the fix.

buddy… it’s already broken

As far I can recall the changes to these are the aircraft involved.
If you experience double lift, flying one of those and you cannot wait … copy the file in …/Simobjects/Airplanes, reduce the lift_coef_flaps to 50%; save it and fly.
WARNING: if you don’t know what you are doing … don’t touch.

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This is really unacceptable. I’m also usually quite positive and inclined to give the devs the benefit of the doubt, but not on this this.

You cannot break something this fundamental and then leave us hanging for weeks. This is a terrible way to build trust and I’m afraid Asobo has chosen the entirely wrong way of going about things.

You (Asobo + Msft) made the following decisions

  1. You have a sim that forces an update - users have no option to defer
  2. You do not have a beta test group (or have testers that miss things like this)
  3. Your installer is EXTREMELY slow and messing about with config files may end up triggering a 100+ GB download

This combination of decisions has ensured that you simply cannot say “yes we thought of hotfix but decided not to”. You are forcing users to use a broken product for weeks and weeks with zero recourse.

This is a very bad way to go about it, and I am deeply disappointed with whoever made this decision. I paid a lot of money for the Premium Deluxe Edition, and now I can’t fly those planes for weeks? And looking at your track record, you are probably going to delay the Sim Update and/or break more things that I have to wait weeks for again.

Nope, not acceptable. I know I’m just one person, but I will no longer recommend that anyone buy FS2020 till the devs start to get it together.


Yeah definitely, you are right. First release smaller patches to just fix their mess with the previous updates. Move to more stable updates every 3, 4 months. Monthly updates should be stopped after the critical bugs being resolved. This is getting tiring from them


Whoever said to not hotfix it… wow. A known bug that CRITICALLY affects the sim’s flight dynamics, that affects multiple aircraft, and cannot be fixed in encrypted aircraft, should be hotfixed immediately. Period. This decision is not appealing at all. Your workaround cannot be applied to some aircraft.

I thought this update was “thoroughly tested” hence the delays? Apparently any sort of QA testing has gone out the window, down the road, and into the next state, if this kind of “oopsie” can be pushed to deployment. Shameful decision.


Asobo is probably unable to hotfix just individual files. With the updates they probably push the entire packages (entire aircraft, entire airport). This is probably the reason why the updates are so huge.This approach totally neglects the needs of the customers with slow Internet links - like me - who needed 15h to download the World Update 3 (UK). Maybe this has something to do with the protection they applied to the deluxe content (the protection - not an issue for the hackers, troublemaker for the legitimate customers).
So they are probably afraid to push all the aircraft packages (probably several GBs) because probably they are already progressing with Sim Update 3 and don’t have the set of files available to replace just the flight_model.cfg files.

Their “self-service” suggeston is useless, as many aircraft (e.g. classic C172) don’t even have the flight_model.cfg file.

This is pathetic.

Is there anybody around who believes that Sim Update 3 will be released on time? Remember the terrain spikes - they annoucted on ca. January 7th that they have solution, but the users were forced to wait more than a month to receive the fix, due to two delays for “polishing” the update. What are the results of the “polishing”:

  • taxi lights all over the place,
  • photogrammetry removed from some UK cities,
  • flight model broken,
  • weird glowing artifacts surrounding airplanes and objects…

There is only one thing optimistic. They admitted the bug!!! A couple of days after the update!!! Unlike the terrain spikes.This is definitely some (weird) progress.

I hope, that following the tradition of users fixing the sim (while Asobo is breaking it) in a day or two we will have the mod fixing the issue, the same way it was done for:

  • high rise autogen buildings,
  • tree draw distance,
  • terrain spikes,
  • coastline glitch.

I already created an Excel file to keep track to the community-made fixes, to help tracking/removing them when Assobo announces thay they created the genuine fix. Otherwise I would be lost in the fixes.

I wonder if I will be able to restore my flight models from my backup copy…


They might break them more…