Hotkey for toggle Nameplates, taxi ribbon

This would help sooo much.
Everytime I want to see who is just in front of me on a taxiway I have to pause, menu, show nameplates… immersion breaker. And i don’t want to keep nameplates always on as it is an immersion breaker too.
Besides that, I dont want to see all the nameplates from all the country but only the ones in let’s say 50nm or 10nm around me. Could we be able to set that?
Same for POI, cities and taxi ribbon please :slight_smile:


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Hi there,
At the time this wishlist was logged, there was no voting option. Because you can vote, now, and so many people crreate duplicate topics, we ask that everyone make their wishlist topics for one wish at a time.
The two big items mentioned, nameplates and taxi ribbon, both have separate issues that have gained a lot of traction. Since the majority of the conversation in this topic was devoted to nametags, I merged this topic into the nametag topic.
Thanks for your understanding!