Hotkey problem

After adjusting the height and VS every time,
Is there a shortcut key that I can press to decide?

The whole knob presses “in” to “Engage,” your vertical speed. If you’re on PC the icon should change to a finger pointing to show this. If you’re on XBox, I don’t know what indication it changes to show that it presses in, sorry.

What I mean is that when I’m done adjusting, without the mouse pointing down, is there a keyboard shortcut to replace the mouse pointing down.

There is a new area of the forums called Community Support where people help each other with questions.
I have moved your thread there.

SHIFT + CTRL + Z should be the keyboard command to “Select altitude bug.”
If that doesn’t work, you can experiment assigning a key press to “Toggle variometer switch,” or try “Select VSI bug.”

Just takeoff then set it. Works much better than on the ground.