Hotkey to toggle the instrument HUD in the outer view

I fully support this

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If you go to “Controls” and the filter “ALL” - it’ll give you a bunch of unassigned keys.
If you search for “toggle” you will come across things like “Toggle Cockpit” and “Toggle Instrument View Freelook” - so I think it’s already possible to toggle this.

My problem is that the game won’t allow me to assign keys at the moment for some reason.

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Hot key or not - Given there is a fairly good range of Options within the Camera dialog, A simple toggle switch in the GUI would be sufficient to start with, then allow advanced users to assign to Joystick buttons or Key combos if they so wish.


Agree with this.

It’s not terribly hard pausing to the menu and switching on and off, but seems that a toggle key should be available.

In fact, I was so sure it would be possible, I spent an hour or more this morning trying to find it… pretty sure it’s NOT already possible to do as suggested above.

The function (under GENERAL-CAMERA) is called INSTRUMENT HEADS-UP DISPLAY (HUD). There is no function as of now to toggle it on and off :frowning:

I would love a button to toggle the Hud on and off for the external view.


I agree I wish this is taken into consideration

Just created mod: uimod-mugz-hiddenhud

Toggle ingame HUD on/off by pressing NumLock


Great stuff!!!

You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! It works perfectly, thank you very much. :+1:t2:

Or a “pure scenery shot mode” that can automatically hide the HUD/instruments temporarily when taking an external view screenshot, then resume the HUD/instruments after the screenshot has been taken.

I hope to be able to assign a key to HUD on / off to not interrupt the flight (pause) and follow the long procedure: Options> General> Camera> Tools.
Pielle (from Italy)
Sorry for the translation via Google Translate!

And few other options on how it looks, a minimalistic less intrusive or arcadish one would be great.

Until this is implemented good folks, this mod does exactly what you want. It lets you toggle the external HUD & other UI elements (POI, player names) with the backspace key.

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Really would like a future sim update to include a TOGGLE option for the chase camera HUD to be able to bind to the keyboard, etc. so it can be turned on/off during flight when using the chase camera view. I enjoy switching between cockpit and chase views during every flight and this would save having to pause the flight to change the selection. I understand there is this unofficial add-on but I’d prefer to have it built into the sim. Seems like a simple thing to add.


Really good suggestion - voted.

The UI Mod “Shift-z Stats” does do the trick!
Made for having a Framecounter, Lat/Lon Display, Simrate display, fuel … etc in red colour in the upper left corner like it was in FSX.
Additionally it has a hot key on < for toggeling the HUD in cockpit and outer view.

Get it on


An assignable key for toggling the external gauges would be very convenient.

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Not sure where you leave feedback ideas for development into the game. My suggestion is a disappearing HUD for chase camera. For instance, it would only appear for a few seconds if you make an adjustment to throttle (if I had to only pick one thing), then it fades after a moment with no further input to throttle. Maybe even have a section of what inputs would make the HUD temporarily appear – throttle, flap adjustment, trim, etc. Or maybe even have a customizable HUD for exterior, where you can pick what is shown, instead of just the Full and the Minimal setting we have. Personally, I think both Full and Minimal have things I maybe don’t care much about, while they are missing items I would much rather be able to see at any given moment, such as time, wind direction, or if various autopilots are turned on. Needless to say, there should also be a bindable hotkey to simply toggle the HUD on/off. That would actually mitigate the whole problem with not being able to quickly hide the HUD for a quick screenshot, or just to admire your flight.