Hotkeys for Visual Aids?

Is there a way to hotkey any of the visual aids?
For example the only one I really use is Airport markers, just to know what is a round me when looking for an opportunity to try a different landing or what not. However, I also like to have a clean screen and do screenshots. Is it possible to hotkey the airport indicator aid to toggle on/off so I wouldn’t have to pause and switch it in the menus?

If not, maybe that is something that could be added in the future or with a mod, for any visual aid. The ability to apply them in game without the need for pausing and menus.

There is a mod for it but it’s struggling with the latest update. If you want to give it a try:

I was raising this question as well, but this was not addressed in the guided questions Q&A…

Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #60 by CptLucky8

Here is at least the topic where you can vote for it (link to my post):

Taxi Navigation Ribbon - Toggle - #55 by CptLucky8

You can’t, but if you go into Wishlist and search on tag:binding, you’ll find all sorts of topics on various hotkeys that people want. You may want to look at this one to have it natively supported in the sim in the future:

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