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After downloading the latest update, my hours were reset to zero. I have close to 200 hours of flight so I thought after a flight from Paris to Lisbon, it might have caught up but it didn’t. Has this happened to anyone else and if so, how did you fix it?

Hi. Yes happened to me, lost just under 200Hrs, and no, unable to rectify the lost hrs, and now l have only 10 hrs logged. This loss of hrs did not occur after an update, but after a message stating internet connection lost, suffered by many others, some of which lost logged flt hrs. I don’t know if there is a fix. You are not alone…

I installed the latest update and it was fine until a couple of days ago when it prompted me to reinstall the update again and confirm the default settings which was a bit of a worry. When it finally loaded, all my progress had been lost! I raised a ticket with Asobo and they reported that their servers were running at high load which could have been the cause. I quit the application, restarted it and fortunately my hours and progress came back. Have you raised a ticket? Your progress should be stored on the server so they should be able to restore it. Good luck.

I have not. I will submit a ticket and hope that works. Thank you for the reply and advice @Citatio!

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■■■■, that sucks! I’m going to submit a ticket to Zendesk as mentioned in @Citatio’s reply. If it works, I will let you know. Thank you for the reply!

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