Hours spent on Flight Simulators!

Well I have just turned 71 years of age and my first flight simulator was on the Spectrum, it was Nite Flight on cassette took ages to load, the last one is MSFS 2020 which also takes ages to load, I have purchased most if not all of the simulators released between them costing hundreds of pounds in upgrading computers, joysticks,yokes,rudder pedals, throttles, add on’s etc.

I would think 75% of the time has been spent loading updates, tweaking, reloading, researching how to fix it, downloading scenery etc, very little time actually flying,

I pre ordered MSFS 2020 and once installed was stunned by the beautiful graphics, the depth of the simulator but nearly a year later again purchasing many of the add on’s and a Thrustmaster Airbus Joystick and Throttle / Flaps and Airbrake the computer sits there dark and cold WHY…….

After the last update cannot fly any airliners the number 1 engine will not start properly GA plane’s throttle doesn’t work, CTD during flights, CTD in VR, ATC etc etc etc, fed up with it going back to flying Aerofly FS 2 in VR fun and works every time even the Thrustmaster throttle works.

That has been my entire simming life too.

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