How about an Australian server?

How many millions has Microsoft made from Australian sales? And you expect that we will be happy with a massively high ping from Asian servers? Have some respect to your paying customers and give us our own local server!


Telstra doesn’t make it easy to set up data centers down there.

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What are you talking about? I run multiple high powered Rust servers in Sydney. There is no issue with datacentres.

Telstra lol

I’m in New Zealand and totally agree. Multiplayer is hit or miss here to.


Adding my voice. Aussie server please.


I am not asking, I am demanding. We have spend $100’s on this game, millions as a country. We demand a server. How dare they think that 200+ ping is sufficient after paying $100s for their product. No. I will not watch my tone. This is typical of Microsoft.

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I moved your topic to wishlist, so people can vote for your cause. Have a nice day!

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Bedankt Pieter.

I think there is some potential merit in this - Not just in terms of a FlightSim Server but am XBOX Gaming server.

It does surprise me that Europe often has a better response than Asia. I’m not the most technically minded when it comes to long distance network engineering but I would have imagined that most of our long distance transmission cables would go from Australia to North America and Australia to Asia (then on to Europe)

I definitely think there is merit in having at least an Oceania network/server for the sake of Australia and New Zealand (and maybe to an extent, the pacific islands — although I can’t imagine there’s a huge demand there)

Anyway - Just my 2c. I’m sure some of the local companies/service providers would be happy to get involved (Telstra, Optus, iiNet/TPG) if it meant they could also market themselves as being known as ‘The best provider for Gamers’ or something.



Not an australian, but voting for this because cmon. A whole ■■■■ continent and no server there? A true bruh moment.


It’s not even so much as a continent but a whole region, if you include our neighbours to the East.

Ah yes, Kiribatians, the island where every simmer moved to on August 18th.


Old topic but adding my vote. Lowest ping i have seen is 97 on the Europe server when there in bed. Ridiculous that a whole continent the size of our’s is supposed to connect to a server based somewhere in Asia, that is slower than the European one. Cant believe Microsoft did this, if i had known i would never have purchased the sim.


omg please this is a must have

Had no real issues with West Coast USA server, response is fine for flightsim purposes.

That said I am on 250Mbit fibre to the house which is definitely not your typical average Aussie NBN internet. A lot of people here are trying to connect by overloaded wireless or even WWII vintage old school copper coming from telco pits full of rain water and dead wombats (our government assumes anyone wanting more than 25Mbit must be a music/movie pirate).

■■■■ dont u have 700mbps available yet, I have that in west gold coast.

Actually I can get 1Gbit but it is double the price and from what I can see, even though I speed test at 270Mbit there is very little I do that needs faster than 200Mbit .

The improvement going up from 100 to 250 is very noticeable, going to 1Gbit for twice the price is probably going to be a case of reducing returns.

I probably cannot get much faster than 1Gbit as one of the cost cutting measures NBN introduced when Tony was trying to kill it off was using OM1 cable instead of OM4 (which was minimally more expensive and good for 10Gbit) and my fibre runs a good 100m from the junction point.

lolz i get 1000mbps aswell