How about quarterly sim updates plus casual bugfixes?

After each sim update the forum is stuffed with complaints, whining and rants. For some the sim is unplayable, the guys at Asobo should do their job right, I’m so dissappointed and so on. After two weeks people have rearranged their settings or found workarounds, so they can be kind of happy for another two weeks. Then comes the next updates and it starts all over again.
Why not have a big sim update every three months and irregular small bugfixes in between? I wouldn’t mind a 5 minutes download from time to time, before my sim starts, after which the C208 condition lever is back or the logbook popup can be switched off.
If they always wait until the next big SU, nobody notices the little but desperately awaited fixes that have been done, because these drown in the big mass of new features and new issues. If I fire up my sim and then first there comes a quick download “We fixed the … bug!”, I’d rather be happy than annoyed. Even if it happened twice in one week.

Then there are others that have no real issues at all.


The other side of this is, we used to get regular updates (whether they were ready or not), and everybody complained about that and said ‘Dont release it until it works’ which is where we are now.

When it was the other way there were just as many people crying about this dont work right blah blah blah. Some were legit but alot IMHO were people that were too ignorant or lazy to figure out how to make the correct changes with their setups to get the sim working properly.

Ive had many the same problems as people are reporting and been able to fix them with a small change here and there.

not exactly a new idea:

Maybe. I searched the forum but I did not find exactly what I was thinking about. So what about occasional small updates that fix single bugs?

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I agree they are pushing to many updates out and not testing enough some of the issue’s with the latest update to the sim and SDK are joke to have got through to release. Literally just have to load a project to see there is an issue with the assistance options being reset.

Thats not a guarantee because even the simplelist of bug fixes can lead to a chain of events that can cause more.

There are simply too many issues and bugs to be ironed out at the moment for that to be a good idea.

How about a sim update when it‘s been properly tested and considered to be ready instead of dated and deadlined… we wouldn‘t have any issues at all. And if it‘s still required a hotfix can be thrown out afterwards.


You’re right. But isn’t it better to finish one or two chains of events at on time instead of hundreds? I try to do this in my job whenever it’s possible. If you get one thing done, you’re successful. If you manage to fix 5 out of ten, then there is half of the work left undone and you and your customer are most probably disappointed.

I like the monthly updates. Keeps the casual simmers interested and they are the bulk of the audience.

I like the idea. As long as each update requires an disappointing process of adjusting, deleting, reinstalling, checking, incomprehension and so on I would prefer quarterly updates. This give each party more time, the devs, the beta testers as well as third party devs to polish their work.

I assume we will have much more silence here and could keep the focus of this forum back to aviation instead of endless troubleshooting and growing dissatisfaction.

Of course this will lack the option of permanently teasing of those with an limited attention span.

Well that might of been a good plan when the sim 1st released, but it really didnt happen with the 1st half of the sim, and they have all that old code that still had bugs they needed fix, and then there was the pandemic which who knows how that affected the development at well.

But sure I concur. It would of been the best for everyone if they did a ground up rewrite of the entire game, but we know that didnt happen.