How accurate is the mapping for places you know well?

Presumably everyone’s flown around their home patches now.

For my home area the topography is there, but it’s infested with trees, tower blocks and disappearing roads and bridges to the extent that it bears literally no resemblance and I wouldn’t have known it was there without navigating there first.

Similarly other places I’m familiar with have turned out weird like the whole of Sark in the Channel Island being completely flat whereas in reality it’s a plateau high up from the sea.

Did Bing maps knock it out of the park for places you know well or is it a mess? It’s going to be interesting to see if it becomes more refined over time.

Two places of interest for me are North Weald (including Hanningfield Reservoir and Southend) and Gozo (Malta’s sister island). They’re all AI scenery and they’re spot on. The roads, railways. I was even able to spot disused railways based on where the trees ran. Was able to fly VFR soley based on a real world VFR map and plog sheet. A few too many trees in a couple of places but hardly crime of the century.

I live near Lincoln, a couple of miles from RAF Cranwell in fact.

All the sat pics in the area are good, but the tree’s and 3d predicted buildings are terrible and not even close in our town, and the same goes for all the rest of the region I have flown over, Lincoln Cathedral and Castle for example are warehouses or still a flat texture, quite disappointing actually I have to be honest.

i have noticed some airports that are way off one near where i live in the sim theres no buildings at all and some random hill on the ramp

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My home city in Estonia is pretty accurate, except the houses of course. The place I know well is Iceland and it is infested with trees. In reality there is very few trees on this island and forests are only located in a couple of locations. So this kind of ruins the feeling of Icelandic volcaninc landscape wilderness.