How am I supposed to get out of this ramp?

No reverse thrusters on CJ4 and no pushback is available apparently. Tried like 5 times to manoeuvre out of it but no luck. Seriously why allow a ramp like that with no pushback. ■■■?

Try holding the right brake pedal down, slowly advancing the left engine while turning hard right and hope you don’t hit the wall where it tells you you have hit and object causing critical damage?

Shift p not working?

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Shift+P will force your plane to push back without a tug.


Ok thanks guys I’ll give Shift + P a go. Tbf I rarely use pushback and when I do I usually do it through the ATC panel.

Release the parking brake when using Shift + P command.

Hey - I just learned a new trick!!! :beer:

Shift + P or the DOM Element kbd ? - I’m cool with either :wink: But it’s always good to know these things…

ps: I really need a smug parrot emoji here - Party Parrot emojis on Slack

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Shift+P goes back to at least FS2002 - it’s the kbd tags!

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You can use HTML, markdown and plain text in the Discourse composer. Though for obvious security reasons JavaScript, and most HTML attributes are stripped by the post processor.

On an unrelated and much more important note, @Jakeenzo did you manage to get out of your rock and a hardplace like parking stand?

I’ll use BBCode [img] tags to post the occasional animated gif too.

@Jakeenzo Also look on for the toolbar pushback addon. It adds a toolbar icon and popup window that offers much better control over pushback, with or without a tug.

Or you may press “y” and trun the aircraft by 180° using the NUM block numbers.

That’s what I do. Also have the slew rotation mapped to my rudder pedals. Makes it nice when needing to slew around quickly.

Oh come on Juice, slew is cheating :stuck_out_tongue: - something something VNLK.

(Full disclosure, Jucie, myself and another went flying into Lukla, and none of used slew. He crashed, I lived :smiley: )

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I think we need to repeat that one of these days.

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Lets push the aircraft by hand like they do in several country’s.

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