How are the framerates in the final build?

How are the FP’s in the final build?

The framerates all depend on your system obviously, but most YouTubers say the sim runs smoothly even if there is stutter in the video. If you have even a mediocre PC, I believe you will enjoy the framerates if you lower a few settings.

If you have the Windows 10 2004 update and your video card & driver supports it - enable “Hardware-Accelerated Graphics Scheduling”.
The setting can be found via Settings > Graphics settings.
This helps minimize frame rate jitter that may be apparent as microstutters.

In terms of fps basically similar to the beta but overall better only when flying GA but again will depend on highly on your specs HAGS off no difference on my system.

I’m with you.
Understanding and actualy feel and see stuttering with your eyes and brain, is obviously something not for everybody. You need a trained eye to catch it.
I am a graphician, video editor and multimedia develper. It is my job, i can tell you how much FPS a movie is running just watching few seconds of it. 25, 29.9, 30, 60… Same if a movie or a videogame is missing just one single frame. I can see it.
It is like a personal skill, not everybody have.
This is why i stopped asking opinions from users about it. If one says “it is BUTTER SMOOTH”, my eyes know he-she is lying.
It does stutter (no matter the settings). Period.
If my friend says it is butter smooth, oh well, good for him if he couldn’t see it. But it is not true.
“To my eyes it doesn’t stutter”, this would be the correct answer.

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Great with a Intel 8700K and 2070 Super with no overclock. The sim defaulted to medium-high and I was around 59 FPS all around Adelaide. I boosted many of my settings to Ultra and am getting 40-42 FPS consistently.

It beats the hell out of any of my other sims.

I’m on a laptop with an i7-8750H, GTX2070, 32GB ram and NVME storage. Getting around 30-35 FPS over busy cities with almost all settings on Ultra (all textures and quality settings on Ultra, the only ones I’ve brought down a notch or two are AF (4x) and reflections.
I’m impressed at the graphics quality that I get without a huge FPS cost. My other sim doesn’t look as good and is much more resource hungry.

Well said!
For us simmers who have been plagued with jerk/micro stutter for 14 years (FSX) and some of us have thrown tons of new hardware and cpu/cfg tweaks and fps locks at such.
When I state I’ve noticed stutter…well it’s because there is in fact apparent jerk/micro stutter going on.
I too have stopped relying on other’s eyes for such lately with these videos, keeping in mind alot of new simmers don’t have a 14 year old eye…or plagued psyche from noticing such. :sob:
It simply isn’t a matter of 4k or recording software in the background.
The new title has jerks/micro stutter.
I hope this can be resolved, without the all so common FSX remedy of locking FPS to 30/31
or having to sacrifice things like ai air/road/water traffic.
For the new simmers who feel we are just nitpicking…just please try to have some understanding of what 14 years experience of noticing such means.

14 year old eye. I can only wish. So young.

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Running on a 10700k @ Stock & a 2070 Super slightly overclocked with 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum ram @ 3200mhz speeds.

1440p every slider maxed out, all world traffic sliders maxed out.
With live AI enabled i get around 40~60fps, sometimes dips below 40 but very playable.
Definitely smoother than XP11 vulkan lol even with this fidelity

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Only had a chance to quickly try the sim before leaving for work.

My specs are

i78700k - 4.5ghz
Hyper Fury X 32gig RAM

The sim recognized my system for high settings. Briefly tested Gold Coast in the Cub. Fps was terrible… mostly 20fps

Though I have not yet updated GPU driver to latest and HDD was heavily fragmented.

Just wanna finish work so I can home and try again

I have a similar setup to you
i7 7600k 4.7ghz (OC)
GTX1080 (some OC)
Hyper X 64gig ram at 3200mhz
Game is installed on a HDD but with a RAM/SSD cache
Running the game at 1440p res

I am also seeing some really bad performance issues, when launching the game it suggested the “High-End” preset, but even in the menus the FPS is like 32, on the tutorial airport and more or less everywhere else I get 16 FPS even messing with and lowering the settings seems to do little, the frame rates stay the same even on low-medium settings.

I updated all drivers and got the new game ready drivers from nVidia.
This seems like it may be a bug since other lower end systems runs it better and my system runs other games and benchmarks fine.

Hmmm… I think we need to get these issues reported to zendesk.

Hopefully they can fix these issues as this shouldnt be on our systems.

Turn off V-Sync, run at 1080p and turn off AI traffic and then see how you go

Not using V-Sync (tried both on and off)
Resolution don’t seem to do much, same with other quality settings, setting everything to low or off still same FPS

I posted this previously, the thread got locked and got told to report it to support:

When loaded in, my CPU (i5-6600K) is pegged at 100% (it’s also almost always pegged at 100% even in the menus), GPU (NVIDIA 1080 overclocked) is sitting there doing nothing and I get lockups for ~5-20 seconds, then a few seconds of ~10fps and then the game freezes up again (not crashing, just sitting there at 0fps). I’ve turned off all AI plane and multiplayer features.

The game is literally unplayable for me, even though the hardware can handle it…

Also on startup the quality preset was detected and set to high. I tried all presets from low to ultra and the game still behaves the same.

After I quit and restarted the game multiple times and specifically NOT load in to a tutorial but a random airfield - the game would sometimes not totally hang up but chug along at ~20-30fps regardless of the quality setting, CPU still pegged at 100%. I understand my CPU is “just” a quad core, but it is overclocked by almost almost 1 ghz from stock max boost speed (4.7ghz stable on all cores) and the game still jugs horribly.

I’m certain this is either some bug or just insanely poor optimization as I’m seeing reports of even better setups performing similarly to mine. Hopefully this will be addressed and fixed …

You really need to throw the hdd in the bin and get a SSD or better M2. It’s another world. I would not even dare to start any game on HDD nower days

I m with I7 6700k and 5700xt. 32 ram on high 1080p and with Ga aircraft on medium cities i get over 40 fps always but when I with airliners on the cockpit cam or in LA, NY Paris airports my fps is under 25 and for some reason when I m using this my usage of CPU and GPU never reach 100%, but when I m on the main menu without an fps limiter my GPU usages it is 100%

This is coming from very limited experiences playing around with it this morning before work (I hit install at midnight and went to bed). But I did a couple of test flights just to check on a few things (fps not one of them, but I paid attention).

I’ve got a i7-7700k, RTX 2070 (8gb), 32GB, running off SSD (forget which SSD, but it’s decent, not top of the line). With settings on Ultra, live air traffic and ambient traffic turned all the way up, I run solid 60fps in GA aircraft in normal areas (maybe 45fps in areas like New York City). In A320, I run 40-45fps while at low altitude, but then pop up to low 50’s when at altitude. For me at least, the release build is running better than I expected.

Well the report here is with a stock 1060 getting around 35-40 most settings on high but every now and then bam, GPU usage drops to zero as does the frame rate. Appears mostly when thing pop on the screen. Wonder if the cache would help? Internet speed is good at 100 mb/s.