How avoid this window at the end of the flight

Hi !
Appears when engine shutdown…
thanks for your help…

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It is currently not possible to deactivate this window. It seems to be triggered if both the engines and the avionics are turned off.

You can vote for its removal here


thanks , voted :wink:

…and on my installation, clicking ‘continue’ means that the log entry doesn’t get saved to my profile.

And on mine, when I press continue, the log entry does get saved. But then it also adds an additional log entry with a log time of 0:00. Needless to say, the logbook feature is a dumpster fire in its current state.


same for me time 0.00

It wouldn’t be such a problem if it worked…

Probably if you use the Developers mode you might avoid this screen, as dev mode does make entries into the logbook. I haven’t tried this, but it may work. Worth a try.

thank you! LOL

I’m not sure dev mode make entries in the logbook

My bad, dev mode does NOT make entries. Sorry I miss typed.

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