How big is the update?

I’ve just started doing my update and it’s 16GB, is this right just for the WU4 Update? Or is it downloading all the default aircraft and hand-crafted airports again, that I will now have to go through and delete again?

1GB in Microsoft launcher
22GB when starting up the game
5GB in the marketplace for WU4


Thank you, I only have 16GB in the load up but I’ll see what happens

Wow this is a big update…


That’s a BUG, suggest to pauze it, stop MSFS.
Then update first the MSFS app via de Store (1GB)
Then start MSFS to get the 20 GB update.

Thank you - the MSFS app is updated but i’ll give it a try

Double check your version is saying and not

I am yeah,

what is this update… i was under the impression that i was already at 1.14.6… but who knows these days. fingers crossed that my sim does not go belly up.

Answers to the OP question (and others) can be found in this thread: Discussion + Poll: World Update IV (

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