How can I change lighting color on the instruments?

So, I was in New York last year to visit a friend. We went up and did the VFR Hudson corridor I think it’s called. The plane was a customized c152 and it had this blue lighting for the 6 pack instruments. It was the color of the light illuminating and it was the coolest thing ever.

On a whim, is it simple to change the color of lights in the cockpit? Anyone know how to do this? Preferably the 6 pack. I’d like to replicate this blue lighting in the simulator myself. I can’t find anything, anywhere on it.

It’s a mod. . Must be on PC.

  1. Yes you can
  2. I don’t know the details

In reality. BLUE lighting of the Cockpit, for night flying is condisidered to be the WORSE thing you could do to destroy your night vision. :sunglasses:

In the GAME/SIM maybe it’s “COOL” but I am surprise that anyone thought that was a good idea in Real Life !!!

At least, up to recently, that has always been the CONVENTIONAL thought

After a little research after reading you post, it seems that current thinking may be different, as a Green-blue light, may make the Instruments EASIER to read…

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Yeah, he said it’s for visibility at night versus the white lighting that came stock, which was seemingly very old. I just thought it was for aesthetic. Def looked great flying around NY at night!