How can i get rid of the little menu Bar on top of the screen on xbox?

Hi there,
I am a former pc Player and since yesterday i am migrated to xbox cause of couch laziness.
I know you can put on the menu bar on top of the screen by pushing L3 and by pressing again you can close it.
On PC the little Bar whith the triangle downwards fades out but not on xbox.
I tried several options but nothing helped.
I hope someone of you could help me out?
Dont know how to upload a screenshot couse im on Phone right now.

Thanks Thomas

On the pc update it doesn’t disappear anymore :roll_eyes:


On PC you can use arrow up but i play on console now and dont want to plug in a keybord.
Its Marken as a Bug like i read in other threads.
Hope the can fix it anytime soon cause of Screenshots.

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Actually, since SU5 it doesn’t disappear anymore on pc. It was much appreciated. Is it just me?

If you click on screen away from the menu bar it should disappear, at least on PC. Pretty annoying though.

As others have said, this seems to be a bug introduced in SU5. So it’s possible this will be fixed for both PC and xbox versions, we’ll see.

i would love for it to just no show up at all and show it only when I put my cursor in the area. after almost a year I know it’s there :slight_smile: have an option in assists or something to turn it on/off as anyone sees fit.