How can I set up fsltl traffic injector to stop airfelds being populated by many white tails?

I cant either.
Can anyone tell me how to set up fsltl traffic injector to stop airfelds being populated by many white tails.
I have followed set up and other instructions but do not seem to be able to sort this.
Thanks for any help

During the startup process of the injector you will get a bunch of prompts which you may decide to change or leave it as it is, this is assuming you haven’t turned on silent mode which is non trivial to enable, you can chose not to fall back to generic models and liveries. Just select ‘n’ for those options. If you have the fsltl liveries package installed properly, and you do this correctly, you should not see any more white livery. If you are still having the issue, it’s better to ask in FSLTL discord server.

Edit: Oh, and make sure your Sims traffic settings are properly set, i.e set traffic to off and ground aircraft density to zero.

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Thanks very much.
I under General options Traffic, and airport life ground aircraft density, I have turned off.
In the start up injector process, I now have Blank models will not be used and Generic models will not be used. It certainly has got rid of the white tails but the there is a lack of aircraft on the ground that should be there. ie: in Singapore there are no Singapore airline aircraft shown although from past experience it should be full of them. And flight radar confirms this. Maybe the FSLTL injector is not perfect.

To me that sounds more like you have some issues with the livery pack installation. Fsltl does see those aircraft in fr24 but couldn’t find appropriate liveries, that’s why it was injecting white liveries, but now that you have turned it off, its not able to use anything to show those planes. Make sure you have the liveries installed properly. Have some value for the static ground traffic settings in fsltl injector, that should show some parked aircraft even if FR24 data is not working.

Thanks again, all good now after a bit of fine tuning.

Me Again. For some reason I cant post a topic on any subject anymore? My game was working well but as I tried a few tweeks it CTD. I now no longer can start the game, I get a message " your computor does not meet minimum requirments. As a result you may experience errors during the game" I uninstalled MFS via xbox as it seems I can longer do this through Microsoft store. I reinstalled via xbox app but no change, it tries hard but mostly black screen then CDC. My computor is working OK and other games work also. So it is related to MFS. Any help would be most appreciated as at this stage I may have to reinstall W10 to get game to work.

disregard, all good.