How could I toggle ON the HUD in VR (external view)

Hi everyone!

Well, the title says it all. I’m new to FS2020, have spent days studying on how to optimise my setup with my Reverb G2, and I must say I’m stunned by the final result!

The only issue I have is with the external view: when in VR, I can’t find a way to get the UI / HUD information usually displayed when I’m not using my Reverb G2.

Any help would be immensely appreciated! :yum:


Just flew across a beautiful clear, calm Black Sea in the CJ4 with my G2 … absolutely amazing!

There isn’t a way to bind the external HUD to a key … which has been a cause of much criticism. You can still ‘ESC’ to the main config settings and select ‘HUD on’ from the graphics options, even while in VR. It’s not very elegant and a bit fiddly … but I think the only option at the moment.

Many thanks for your feedback. I can’t test it now, but from your reply, I understand that the HUD in the external view is turned off by default in VR (while it’s ON when I play on my screen), buy that it can be turned on through the option Menu.

I’ll give it a try tomorrow, thanks again!

But was it on by default? In VR, when I toggle the external view, there is no HUD whatsoever…

Ok, I’ve just checked, and that’s what I was afraid of: in the options menu, the HUD in external view is “ON”, but it still doesn’t show up anywhere (neither does the popup bar which, in 2D pops up un the upper part of the screen).

This is really an issue, as I love to use this external view. But I need to see the basic data to know what I’m doing… :persevere:

Ahhh okay. Thought I’d done it in VR - obviously mistaken. Just checked again and you’re absolutely right. Displays on screen, switch to VR and the HUD isn’t shown.

To be honest, I find using VR in an external view somewhat unsettling :slight_smile:

Ok, many thanks for having checked… and you don’t have any idea how to “force” the HUD while in VR, right?

VoteablaPlains8, I highly doubt it: my install (via Steam) is new, without any mods or addons installed.

OK, so just an update:

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to solve the issue. Even after a full uninstall / reinstall, the HUD in the external view still doesn’t show up, while it is supposed to. Everything else seems to work as it should, including the popup menu which appears in both cockpit and external views.

This is a complete mistrery…

The other strange thing I’ve noticed is some regular crashes of my Reverb G2 (Blue screens).

I agree with you DaDukeMallorca, the HUD is necessary and i hope this problem will be solved in a next update. I use OCULUS RIFT CV and i have also had some crashes, but worst despite using rtx 3080 and ryzen 3700x my fps is very low, around 25 in a cockpit view and 30 external view.

Mmm, with a CV, you should probably get a better frame rate. Maybe a CPU bottleneck?

Also, could you please confirm that you also have the HUD bug on your system?

Yes, i have the same problem, HUD is not working on external vr view. Yes too, probably 3700x is my next upgrade.

Ok, many thanks for the confirmation. Hopefully, they will fix it with the next update.

Is it supposed to?

If you believe it is, I’d suggest you create a new topic in the Bugs | VR section for people to vote on this!

Well, I understand that some people are getting the HUD working properly in External view, in VR. So yes, I believe it should work.

But I also understand I’ve posted this message in the VR section. Should I move it to another section?

Hi all - is this confirmed as a bug? I haven’t played for a few weeks but I’m sure I remember having an VR external view HUD before… not today and quite frustrating at times.

Hi, AFAIK it’s not possible to use the HUD in VR / external view. I would appreciate very much to have that feature so one could enjoy the scenery while being up in the air (and have a little bit of control). I wrote a ‘wish’ at zendesk yesterday. Perhaps we could also generate some attention here? (This seems to be the only thread dealing with this.)

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