How did the installer get through QA?

I purchased this on Steam as Steam gets it right.

Sadly Microsoft and the little geniuses that work there decided they knew better by attempting their own installer which uses up to 50% of my CPU and GPU just to download the game. Worse still you play music during the time it takes to download 76GBs worth.

Not impressed…

Let’s hope the sim makes up for it.


I had no problems with the installer. I purchased through MS.

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Probably because your problems are due to server load, not the server themselves.

And while it’s possible to ‘fake’ server load, nothing preps you for the real thing. Keep at it, it’ll get there. Unless you’re complaining about the delivery platform in which case that’s got nothing to do with QA. They just look to make sure it downloads.

You can turn down/off the music in your sound mixer, bottom right of your task bar.

I’m shocked people do not know how to turn the volume off on a specific app… you are not the first to sit through hours of the launcher music. I had no problems installing the game


You can also press Windows Key + G. There is an option to mute the game.

I think we all know how to mute an app. What I was surprised at was that this launcher plays music without providing a mute option. Very amateurish.

On the up side, they included a pause button for the downloads.

On the down side, even the pause button is a little buggy.

they made a piece of music play on repeat for something they KNOW is going to take hours… even if it only took 10 minutes they shouldnt play the same song on repeat.

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