How do add text to scenery?

how do add text to scenery! for example add text to Airport’s terminal buildings to say welcome come to this Airport?

if you just want a flat 2d text then just need to create a custom texture/material to add into the sim. but if you want to make a sign or make it 3d then your need blender or something similar.

There are plenty of video’s on YouTube on how to do it.

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Can you send me a link to get started? Thank you :pray: :pray: there is this but im not sure if you can place them on anything other than terrain thinking about it.

I guess the only way is to make the text as an object in blender and then add it into the sim.
You will need to get blender or equivalent and watch different video’s to learn from as it’s not as simple as just adding text and adding it to the sim.

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Tanks. For your help. :pray:

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