How do I buy or upgrade

Hi guys daft question here but need it answering please when I purchased msfs2020 back in sept I bought the basic version but I want the 787 now how do I get it ? Do I have to pay another £70 for the deluxe edition or is there another option ?

Well consulting microsoft store i don’t see any upgrade options, it looks that you need to by a new version.
I advise you to contact Microsoft client services and ask then who you can procedure.
But i don’t belive that you get that lucky!

You can upgrade to the Premium Deluxe version from the in-game marketplace. That’s the only option.

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Yes as stated above, the only way you can access the deluxe or premium deluxe edition content is to purchase the upgrades via the MS store as an “upgrade” or through steam as a DLC/however it is available there (IF you bought it on steam.)

Confirmed and that’s the way I did it.

That’s how I did it as well.

Thanks guys on the upgrade through steam do you still have to purchase the whole sim again ?

Nope you do not If you already own the base game there is no need!