How do I change my avatar/member name?

I joined and was issued a member name. I don’t like it and want to change it

Your forum name is tied to your Xbox Gamer Tag, once you change your Gamer Tag log out and back into our forums and the change should take effect.

Please visit the Xbox Support Website for information on changing your gamer tag.

tamalien how to get rid of that # number behind my gamer tag?

You have to make unique gamer tag that no-one else has in use.
Mine is C44M0.
If I try to change it to CAAMO, it adds some random numbers, so it would be “unique”.
Some one else is using the name CAAMO.
Sry, my English isn’t too good, but I hope u got it… :slight_smile:

i am pretty sure that there is no other onkelyogi on this planet, nevertheless a random number was added …

Did you even try to change your gamer tag now?
There is the button: check availability
If it’s not used, then it won’t add number… Just saying…

i did try and it says i already own it but it will not delete the stupid number behind …