How do i fix this? Very annoying

Ok. Since the update. ATC has been telling me im over or below my assigned crusing altitude. When in fact im right at it. And if i ignore it. I run the risk of having my flight plan cancelled. How do i fix this?

Did you correct the air pressure for the altimeter?

The altitude reported to ATC (both AI and external networks like VATSIM) is broken. This is a known problem that is being worked on. See this very very very long thread

Great, I’ll guess I won’t be using flight until they fix that.

I noticed this too from flying from Honolulu to Bahrain airport I got to 38000’ iand she said you’re 300’ above you’re assigned altitude and I wasn’t so looks like I can’t use the SIM until they fix that.

I won’t hold my breath it’ll be fixed any time soon cause like everything else with this simulator they improve things instead of fixing the existing bugs. :roll_eyes:

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Please join the larger conversation in this thread. Notably, here is an official comment from the Community Manager regarding a potential cause of the incorrect altitude callouts:


An observant user also noted this thread which might be closer to your issue: