How do I get ATIS to tell QNH in hPa

Currently sitting in Brest, France. Units are set to hybrid. Yet ATIS is broadcasting the QNH in inHg.


You can’t, at the moment. ATC is always reports using inHg.

In the UK domestic weather reports are always given pressure on the mercury scale. I don’t know about aviation though. There are plenty of printable conversion charts on the web. I’m currently flying the DC6 and after a while the conversion becomes easy.

In real life, at Europ, the presure is always reported in hPa on all communications (ATIS or ATC). At CDG airport, there is even two separate frequencies to dispatch ATIS mesages: one for messages in French and one for messages in English. But BOTH use the hPa units.

Should be possible to implement a local behaviour, like that, what already exist in FS2020 for VFR XPNDR codes (1200 in US, 7000 in France).

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I hope they sort ATC so we can have hPa for the EU soon

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Not just EU, though… it’s basically for the rest of the world.


I have a printed conversion chart for this placed on my dash to help. It’s very handy.

Indeed hPa (mBar) should be standard. Most of the world uses it. Just because USA uses inHg it shouldnt be standard in the game for the whole world.


*cough metric system *cough


We need toggle switches to allow us to set the units to suit the environment we fly in.

Truth is, most countries adhere to a set group of units with a few notable exceptions. As it stands FS gives us a complete mish-mash of incorrect units.

This one can’t be that hard to rectify and it would make a big difference to the experience and immersion.

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I belive this will be implemented in future udates for ATC. The issue has been forwarded to Asobo.


I have my fingers crossed…Its not a sim breaker but id like to see this added

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hPa is a worldwide standard. So weird that MSFS doesn’t use it. Breaks the immersion a bit.

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Canada and Mexico use inHg though to play devil’s advocate I think it’s because they border the US.

just need to make a slider that will allow the user to choose in which units to display this.

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There is an option in the sim to use us or metric. I also think you can choose with item is in which unit of mesurmenet. For Example heights in feet. At least it was before SU5

Massive Bug.

Actually in most of the world we use hPa, it seems no brainer to just add an option to change this.
Ideally it should know the location and change it accordingly (VATSIM does that).

And to make it even better, to use QFE for VFR airfields instead of QNH, technically is not big but probably they have more important things to fix.

The option is still there, but even with it selected the game still gives pressure in inches and even more inexplicably, wind in kmph.

In all seriousness, who on Earth came up with that one?!

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