How do I get rid of all workers at an airport?

I thought I had an .xml to do this, but it turns out I don’t.

I also thought I had a link to a thread here, but since they moved everything…I don’t

I make small fields that would never have any workers or pushbacks, etc. How in the world do I make it so there are no workers or any services at the field?

There is a slider to turn the frequency of them down, that might help.

Here you go: Turn off ground crew?

No, I’m asking about while creating/editing an airport (which is why this is in the SDK-Airport forums). I thought there was a way to do it in the .xml files.

there used to be a great thread about it here, but it got deleted when they created the new SDK forum, and they didn’t want to bring it back for some reason.

basically, the instructions are in the SDK in the Living World and Services.xml sections of the Environment section of the SDK. The spelling of the directory names containing the files is extremely important. You can find an example of it in my 69NH scenery at I’m no expert at it, but it worked. I got rid of the ground crew and most of the vehicles that would never be at the airport.

Beware. I submitted a bug that was recently marked Solved (for whatever that’s worth, doesn’t mean it’s solved), where I used basically exactly the same files at KASH, another airport further south. The files worked great if you spawned at KASH, but if you started at any other airport on the east coast, the system would crash before you even got into the sim. It was choking on the LWcfg.xml file I had created. I don’t know why. I even tried just using the default LWcfg.xml file, reduced down to just North America sections, and even that still caused a crash. So I removed the file and it cured the crash. It looks like the Services.xml file I created did enough. Or, maybe the LWcfg.xml file for 69NH was interfering with the KASH one. But I think I checked that by making KASH the only addon in the Community folder… Anyway, be careful of that. As I noted, I did submit the bug to Asobo.