How do I get rid of Microsoft flight simulator

Well I spent the $170 on deluxe premium, and have had problem after problem… Multiple installs…Still won’t give me Premium Deluxe planes, I’m done…How the hell do I get rid of this thing? Where are all the files stored so I can manually delete them. The installer seems to be of similar quality to the game and doesn’t remove everything.

Check add and remove programs.

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Here are some options for you. Best of luck to you whichever route you may choose to take!

Windows Store or Gamepass
Attempt to fix the issue
Uninstall the program

Attempt to fix the issue
Uninstall the Program

If you do choose to continue troubleshooting and none of the methods above work, I would encourage you to file a report with Zendesk.

Just uninstall like any other app and go. No need to post here.


Actually, you’re correct. Uninstalling seems to leave most of the files in place. You will need to uninstall from Add / Remove programs and then go to wherever you did install it and delete the files manually. You’ll find that more than 70 Gb of data is still there.

Yes you do need to uninstall several files If you do a computer search of the sim it will point to the files
App data local packages as well and if you go to regedit and look you will find some there this is the registery so be careful what you delete

That doesn’t do it.

Hi @wuper0737,
Thanks for that -
I think I tried them all…
I’m attempting another install (what a glutton for punishment eh?). When that displays the same problems I’ll review your suggestions. Appreciate you replying.

Not true - uninstalling like any app leaves all sorts of artefacts.

Thanks @TandooriFlea6,
Yes that’s what I’m worried about… This thing puts files and links all over the place then doesnt remove them when you uninstall it…

You can search your entire drive for anything that matches “Microsoft.FlightSimulator” as well.

Don’t run the command above by the way (Flagged)

When the new patch came out did you make sure to remove all files before trying a fresh install as instructed?
The fact you don’t seem to know how to fully remove all the files suggests not.


@DORRAGER I’d be very interested to hear exactly how you would get rid of all the files left by the MS Flight Simulator uninstall process.
This is not your standard ‘copy a bunch of files and add some registry entries’ installation,

To all that tried to help, particularly @TandooriFlea6 @wuper0737 & @WareagleX16, thanks for the tips.
After reinstalling last night & it failing, I’d had enough - but with your tips I was able to remove enough of the past installation to reinstall successfully (after another 8 hour download today). There was still a number of registry entries left however I was hesitant to remove some of them, and some directories I couldn’t remove. I proceeded with the third install however & I’ve just got it working again properly so will see how it goes.
It’s people like your helpful selves that make a forum such as this a great place.
Thanks you should give yourselves a bourbon this evening !


Somewhere! :slight_smile:

I read in the manual ,137 pages of it ,that if you buy the Steam MFS it is much easier to find the files
than if you buy the store version . I have had FSX Steam and I think they are right …Lot easier to locate all the files …

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There is an official post for the patch and a section in the zendesk menu on how to uninstall and remove the files for a fresh install. It look like it was the fix as you appear to have got it working now.

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