How do I import a text flight plan from another source into the default world map?

An imported flight plan from another similar application can be inaccurate. How to import such a flight plan (with the text extension [.txt]) into the resulting line of the World Map?

If the other app. is exporting an FP, it should be able to do so as a ‘.PLN’ file, which can be directly imported into MSFS. If it refuses to export except at a ‘.txt’ file, I suspect it is not of the right format to import into MSFS. However, you could try to change the extension from ‘.txt’ to ‘.PLN’ in Windows file explorer (use WindowsKey+‘e’) to ‘rename’, import into MSFS, and see what happens

We are talking about the “Pilot2ATC 2020” application. This program combines many functions of the arsenal of navigation planning tools, ATC guidance and visual control in the flight simulator. Among them, there are export and import of flight plans with different extensions, such as: .pln, .fms, .flp, .xml, .txt). One way is simply to copy and paste all the waypoints (.wpt) from the flight file with a text extension (.txt) into the address line of the import module. Since, FSMS2020 is still being finalized and perfected, it would be convenient to have a similar function when creating a flight plan.