How do I remove everything except free flight?

Hello hello,

I only do free flights as I have no interest in the training, bushtrips, discoverly flights and all that activities stuff. Is there a good way to remove all of that without breaking the game?

I have tried manually to uninstall everything called those things in the content manager, but sometimes they dont have the same/correct naming.
Also I am confused about the content manager, up top where it has 2 different icons that will display 2 different lists of items (Packages and single items?), there is no tool tip when hovering the mouse over either. This has always confused me.

Being that this game by default likes to be on C: and the msfs2020 packages folder is getting redicilous in size, I was hoping to free up some space. Ive already got rid of the gigantic offline textures cgl file that saved me like 50gb+(or whatever it was).

Will never happen, but I would love to have a msfs2020 light where you had free flight only. The never ending struggle to “debloat” msfs is frustrating.

Also, is it safe to remove the point of interests stuff without breaking free flight?
sorry for the blownout quality (because HDR) but can anyone explain what theese 2 icons mean?


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Go into the Content manager and delete the things you don’t want.That’s it.

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So ,if you got most of them, try to live with it.Can’t give you a better advise.

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Someone who’s tried mucking with the files might have ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s Microsobo’s world and we’re living in it. It may be impossible to fully remove things from their product, because it is their product and they get to dictate what’s in it. Most games would be bricked immediately by trying to remove anything from them, so it’s nice that we at least have a content manager.

Those two icons filters the content in the content manager between “packaged” and individual contents. I usually pick the right icon to show all the individual contents. Then use Select All to select everything in the sim. Then I press Delete.

This should clear “everything” in the sim that it can clear, except for the mandatory ones. So doing this would give you a clean sim without all the training, discovery flights, etc that you don’t need.

Then you can start installing your own community content, or marketplace content that you want one at a time.