How do I Request Refund

FS20 is a wonderful concept for the next release. It is ambitious and potentially full of hours of fun.

That being said, FS20 is a day 1 train-wreck. It freezes and exits every time I try any of the training missions. There is no diagnostic information provided for the freeze. Training tips prompts you to press the wrong buttons. It fails to teach you how to use the NAV instruments before sending you on NAV missions. Key layouts are miserable. Im prompted to press key bindings that are simply wrong. I cant see most of the gauges let alone configure them.
But most of all the XBOX controller support is wildly over sensitive. No amount of fiddling with the sensitivity provides any reasonable input.

As a private pilot, and an ex-ms employee, I can tell you with authority that the usability of FS20 is a blight on MS’s reputation. And thats saying something,
Literally every interaction with FS20 is frustrating and disappointing.

Im asking with all due respect, what is the quickest way to get my money back? No amount of talking to me to explain the errors of my ways or “how I dont understand the advanced, intuitive, next-gen interface” or telling me an upcoming patch will fix this. You get one chance to make a first impression.
The first impression you made, was that i wasted a ton of download bandwidth on this train-wreck.

My recommendation is to kill it just like you did to IE and you smart phone. The world will be a better place.

Er, this post just comes across as someone who has a gripe with Microsoft, not just the game. There are plenty of people enjoying it so far. Sure, there are some issues, especially during install but once I personally got past that it has been great. You’re obviously experiencing more difficulties and should absolutely be entitled to your refund but I would disagree with your general sweeping statements.


Yeah, I’m guessing the ex-ms employee part wasn’t a happy moment in the OP’s life.


works fine for me lol

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5 second Google search:

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Disgruntled ex-employee alert :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

wow. sorry it’s so disappointing to you. I love it.

No, he’s right. Microsoft has created a video game based on a flight simulator. I am very disappointed too. You cannot do a quality and technical flight with this product. I have a very high PC configuration and yet it is a nightmare to use it. I will go back to my P3D while it improves

Through your Microsoft account via web browser. Go to purchased games and there is an option there.

Works fine for me as well, no issues at all