How do I reset an individual leg in a bush trip?

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Just finished the first leg of the Finland Bush flight, starting the second leg from Svonlinna, or at least I should beat Savonlinna. Except the VFR map has me about 1 km short of runway 30. In the trees, across a river. I think there’s a road on my left. I tried ‘driving’ my way between trees just so I could navigate back to the runway… but this is idiocy.

How do I reset a leg without clearing the first leg?

I’m redoing these bush-flights because everything was zeroed. I tried to use the developer mode, but the instructions didn’t seem to jive, so to keep my life simple I’m just reflying them

I have no idea how I ended up short of the runway, when I should be on a runway, so I couldn’t detail steps to reproduce it, so probably best to move on reset the leg

Running 1.18.15 from MS Store

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How to reset last bush trip leg?

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I have not tried this myself and I do not know if this is possible in bush trips, but there is something called slew mode where you can magically move your aircraft, including vertically. With this method you may be able to overcome the tree obstacles?
Maybe someone can correct me if I say something wrong. Otherwise search for the keybinding slew mode and how to move your aircraft in this mode. Press the slew mode key once to activate it and you may be able to move your aircraft.