How do I start in the water?

I would like to start the Icon A5 somewhere by the water but everytime I select a beacon close by it starts mid air.

Any idea?

Only thing I can think of is to look for air harbors as a starting point maybe

Spent a bit of time playing around with this, this morning.

I honestly think that water aerodromes & runways haven’t been included yet.

I found this useful resource:

And cherry picked a whole bunch from this list. The majority are not found in airport search, those that are spawn you in on a land based runway, there are no water options.

So I think we need a wishlist item to include water based airports & runways. See if we can get a useful number of votes to push it up the list.

I am going to try the Navigraph beta client, this updates a lot of navaids, going to see if this makes any difference but unlikely.

Use the nav planner map to select a custom point as a departure. You can zoom right in to lakes, harbours etc.

I submitted that to zendesk in week two.

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Thats right, thanks, I will try that.

Spawn on a dutch airstrip in about 10 years :smiley: