How do I stop spinning in helicopter?


I tried to fly the helicopter for the first time. I had experience flying it in other sims like FSX, Take On Helicopter, etc. But now if I increase the power, it just starts spinning.

Is there something I need to do to avoid spinning?
I was able to fly by using the pedals a lot, but if I release, it just spins and crash.

I use an old Sidewinder joystick which have a small throttle bar and I control the pedals by twisting it too.

Thank you for your help!

You apply counter torque using the pedal which should be mapped to the tail rotor. Too much or too little and you’ll start spinning. It requires a deft touch and constant input.

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You might check tail rotor assistance in accessibility, too. On or off.

It also helps to hold your mouth just right, pray you dont get a crosswind, and imagine your family is riding in the passenger seats… Ive had the same thing a few times and just havent gotten around to figuring it out.

Flying along in a helicopter is dead easy…getting it to stop and land it is a black art! I was lucky enough to get a couple of hours of dual instruction in a Bell Jet Ranger. Oh my!

It’s like a woman who insists you have to have a pile of cushions on your bed - a complete mystery.

There’s a video from SimHangar on Youtube, without that video, I would have had no chance!


I followed this tutorial to configure my control, but my helicopter start spinning at 50% power like crazy. Can someone test it and see if it’s a bug with the current build? I’ve never saw an helicopter spinning like that.

Right when I start moving a little bit, spin to the left and have to use the pedal full on the right which isn’t normal. I try to use trim and all, but it doesn’t have any wanted effect. It just make everything spin more!

Ok I found out that at ground level and low speed, my helicopter spins a lot and trim doesn’t do anything. However, at high speed, it’s way more manageable and can fly without touching anything other than trim.

It’s weird because in all tutorial videos I watched, people don’t have to use the pedal that much when taking off.

Is that how it works in real life?

Yes, pedals need to be used a lot because this is not a fixed wing where rotation axis is aligned with fuselage. A 25%-50% pedal (left for american helicopters and right for european ones) has to be used during initial hover and until you get some translation speed. During hover and at low speeds pedal will need to be held all the time and you will need to fight wind during those maneuvers, so pedal adjustments need to take into account wind conditions as more or less pedal compensation will be required depending on wind too. You can see situations where initial hover does not require too much pedal as wind itself can compensate tail movements for instance. And also anytime you increase or decrease collective you will change the main rotor torque so pedals have to be adjusted in accordance as well.

Once you are flying normally with some speed you barely need to touch pedals unless you have strong crosswinds, as that will push you sideways and make nose willing to point to wind, so cyclic can be enough to control helicopter in most cases.



check out my how to helisim series. I’m adding to it as I have time, but there is good info on pick-ups and hovering to start.