How do I switch control options?


How do I change from a keyboard & mouse input to a joystick input?

Just plug your joystick in.
Make sure windows can see it as a new game controller.
Calabrate it within the usb gaming controller applet in windows.
Start up MFS
Go to Options - Controls
You will see your joystick listed (it may be fully bound or blank depending which joystick type it is)
If it hasn’t got any buttons or axis bound, make a drink and spend a few minutes assigning all you require!
Go to Sensitivity and check out how that works. (you will almost definately want to dial back some of the axis.
Go fly and have fun.

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Even better search youtube for Tutorial #2 - Peripheral Control Setup - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Watch all of it and you should not have any problems setting up your stick

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Thanks, it’s really annoying that there is no user manual to speak of!