How do I turn down the fun factor in this sim?

Ok I am having too much fun my wife says. How do I turn down the fun factor in this sim?


You downgrade your PC to low end specs


Remove GPU and use onboard graphics got it. Thanks

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Flat earth mode


On a side note if you want to do more with your sim you can sign up to FSEconomy. Allows you to manage money and gives meaning to your flights. It’s completely free

You should spend far more time in the forum than you do in the sim.

That is guaranteed to reduce the “fun factor”, as well as turning you into an irrational human being, without any RL perspective and a rather odd view of what the priorities in life should be. :slight_smile:


Ah man I haven’t found that. Where do you find that setting? I dont have access to the SDK sorry.

I saw that but haven’t given it a try yet. Actually been trying to help others get theyre sim working. Keeps me from readying a lot of posts from some complaining about what seems like silly things to complain about. Oh and some are still here but said they were leaving. ‘\ :wink:

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