How do I zoom in on the World Map?

Could someone please tell me how to zoom in on the globe ?

Mouse wheel or RB I guess?

I moved your post to Basic Gameplay Help.

Mouse wheel if you’re on PC. If you’re on Xbox, I’m afraid I don’t know.

There’s a Wishlist topic for zoom buttons, if interested:

NUM +/- or mousewheel.


Thank you!

When I click on the Zoom buttons…nothing happens…
I wonder why?

That’s because they’re not buttons. They merely tell you what keys to press on your keyboard.

I tried to press the Arrow left and right keys on my keyboard but still no zooming.

I’ve drawn a big red circle arount the bit you need; it quite clearly says NUM+ and NUM-. No mention of left/right arrows.

Someone please help op.

All he wants to do is zoom zoom zoom

Sorry, but Nothing happens when I click the NUM+ or NUM- keys on my keyboard.

Have you checked Numlock is on?

Yes, Numlock is on and still no joy.
I must have the keyboards from Hell.
Thanks for all your help.

Sorry I couldn’t help, I’m out of ideas. Time for someone else to chip in, I think.
Good luck and happy landings!