How do multiplayer actually work?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been getting some really inconsistent multiplayer experiences since the beginning and I’m also not sure exactly how the Xbox server selection affects the multiplayer experience.

From what I understand, “ALL PLAYERS” and “LIVE PLAYERS” are basically the same thing, except one of them forces the same time and weather for everyone. Is that correct?

Also, when I select a server in my Xbox profile (on the top of the screen, such as EAST USA), I’ll only see players that are also connected to that same server or does the servers communicate with each other and bring everybody together? I ask this because yesterday, when me and a friend were in the same server, we couldn’t see eachother. However, when one of us changed to another sever, the issue got fixed (go figure).

Sometimes it also takes a good couple of minutes for players to appear.

Does issues happen no matter if I’m in a group or not.

Anyone experiencing the same thing?


The difference between the two player modes is that in Live Mode you see players who are set to the correct weather and time. On All Players you see Live Players and other players using different time and weather.

I don’t know how the server system works but in my previous experience with microsoft games it will put you in the same server as members of your group.

I think “Live Players” should be labeled as “LIVE WEATHER PLAYERS”

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