How do people get such good times at Reno?

Best full race scores are almost 1,5 minute better then mine (T6 class). I understand you can shave off a second or two each lap by flying it perfectly, but how can they do it 15 seconds faster?

I think there is some trick I am not aware of. What is it?

Tried to manage my mixture (since it’s > 5000ft it makes sense), but it seems to be inop.

Are you flying the plane from the starter pack?
In the full pack are a few models that fly minutes faster in the time tails. Also noticed that in the T6 class.
I am flying the base pack and have nothing to bring into the time trails with the given plane.

Oh… ok. Strange design. I thought they all had normalized performance during races.

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During races yes. timetrail is solo.

But from a racing point of view, this is not a way to go to get it seen as a sport, tho.

Tell that to all the major racing series save for F1. They almost all operate under a spec.

I noticed that the starter pack has four different planes that are not included in the full package for 59.99.

So does that mean the starter pack is basically worthless when it comes to racing, because you get four planes that can’t keep up with the 40 from the full package?

Apparently it’s worthless as far as global leaderboard in the the “time trial” mode goes. When you race with other people the performance of all airplanes is the same.

As a side note I wish they added a bit more depth to this mode. It’s arcade in the sense that the airplanes are extremely simplified. They fly on rails, there is 0 engine management (temps, mixture and what not - I believe an important part of all this in the real race) etc. I really doubt it’s so simple in real life, else everyone would do it. I have been simming for 30 years and have a few hundred hours of real life flying, but I really doubt I wouldn’t kill myself when trying to do for real. In game it’s trivial. Not winning, but just completing the course. It’s more “Need for Speed” then “Asseco Corsa”, which is a bit strange since the base is a flight sim.


Well … if it’s so much arcade I guess I’ll skip it. Was hoping the planes were a little more sophisticated than that. Did you fly the planes outside of the air races?

During the live Q&A they stated performance is matched on all aircraft during the races, but in the normal sim they are as they are in real life. At least this is the case with the non-time trials. I was first place in the world as of 12am last night using the stock package P-51. (I see I moved down to 4th now, but it’s possible with in basic package)

I hear you there. I think it’d be cool if they had a “Professional” course where managing the engine matters. You’d see people drop out of the skies like meteors LoL. That said, it’s not like they bar you from doing any engine management, it’s just that mismanaging your engine doesn’t have any consequences.

They kind of do. Mixture is fixed. Prop pitch is fixed. You can’t really do anything. Just full throttle.
The only thing you control is the path you fly and the flight model seems simplified (never flown a high performance aircraft like this, so not 100% sure).

My guess is this will be dead in a few weeks. Already now the lobby is empty. It’s definitely not worth the 20$. It’s more like a tech demo.


What happens if you fly the plane normally in the sim? Does prop pitch and mixture work then?

I know what you’re talking about. The world leader in the t6 is over 1 minute faster than everyone else. I ended up in a race with him today. Same exact plane too. He nearly lapped the field by our 3rd time around the course. Something is not right there. It was like he had a rocket engine on his prop plane.


I asked this question, my knowledge of reno racing is limited. I only know from a tv show I watched. Where you change youre wings, or trims to suit the pilots needs within the same class of plane.

This does not implicate that, so what you have is stock basically. You dont control trim, Mixture or engines will not overheat. Just win Within the same class of plane.

However each plane in freestyle like the “voodoo” have individual designs and different speeds in freestyle, looks nice though, I dont think Asobo are going to give what you want, for free, it will be throttle and bank and land.

However ask a aviation journalist who will promote this, with over 20 years experience, or is it 35 years.

Not for me, but thats my opioion. I didnt need more GB of planes clogging up my hard drive, also saved me £50. For 3rd party developments, if they allow it.

And real reno pilots can correct me if I am wrong. I am not a real world pilot.

But I am pleased Asobo have done it, it promotes revenue, so thats only good for the consumer.

That’s only 10 seconds per lap. Correct energy management could easily account for that …

wait, you’re him. we were in a field of 4 planes today and before anyone hit the 1st pilon, you were passing the 3rd. you were probably doing 25-30kts faster than the rest of us. Your time trial is literally 1 minute and 34 seconds faster than #2 ranking.

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I probably would have been passing the starting gate as high as I could get away with, and was diving for the 1st Pylon , but no way could I have been 2 pylons ahead at the start of the race. !

I know what i saw. you passed pylon 3 as everyone else was turning around pylon 1

I was pretty good with T6 in beta what times are you running haven’t bought Reno because never could get full races

The top time trial time for the T6 is around 5:59. The 2nd best time is around 7:32.