How do the alpha/beta testers remove/clean the obsolete files off their local pc?

We know the alpha files are useless, but, are there large files still located on the local computers?

I really think Asobo should publish some details on how we can remove everything to do with the alpha/beta testing. At a minimum publish what files/folders were placed where based on a standard installation (including the file/folder sizes). Those that chose to modify the basics could probably figure out there specific removals.

I was only able to find the main package with 94 GB and I removed that, but, the front end is still installed and I have no idea how to remove it.

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I tried uninstalling it from the xbox beta store and it seemed to work but never actually uninstalled anything. So the next thing I did was right click on the icon in the start menu and clicked uninstall, that also seemed to work, but files remained. So I manually deleted the folder I installed it in. That removed the 100GB of space it was taking up. So, I’m not sure if the uninstaller doesn’t work or if I’m just impatient.

You may find if the original installation location wasn’t the default location not all files are removed as a precaution to accidentally removing unrelated files.