How do we know if we're updated?

My Steam download seemed pretty quick; when I started up, I installed a few things (G1000 NXI, North America 2) but that’s about it. I didn’t see any other changes.

It was pretty fast, and everything seems to be working OK so far.

How can I tell what I’m actually running? Would love to know it’s 10 & everything is working as expected.

You can check your version.

Home Screen > Click on your Gamertag.

For Third-Party and Marketplace products, check the Content Manager and see if there is an update. If not-you are all updated.

Thanks - I’ve got (says that in the top of the window, too) but I have no idea if that’s current. Didn’t see anything on Steam.

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That’s current version…

Yep, just saw it online… well, so far, so good.